Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July weekend

We got to go out to Vernon Reservoir to camp for the weekend.
We all had lots of fun and I can't wait to go camping again soon.
We roasted pigs in a blanket over the fire. That was a big hit with the kids and adults.

Reanna wanted them every night. But she is also a hot dog nut.

We also went to the reservoir to play in the water. The water was so cold that some of the kids wouldn't get in past there knees.

It took some talking but we got Reanna in the water.

After she was in she wanted to play with any one of the kids that wold go in with her. In this picture she is with Kaylee, JD's girlfriends youngest.

She talked Dillin into going in with her but that is about as deep as they would go.

Kelton was trying to catch crawdads with the net and Kaylee was throwing the stick in the water for the dog. Kyle didn't want to go in.

This picture is of Dillin, Kaylee, and Reanna. The sun came out from behind the clouds for a minute so they went in the water a little bit deeper. I have to say that it was so cold that I only went in to half way up my calf. The kids played in the water for about 3 hours I have to call them crazy.

Reanna called this "sink swimmed". She fell over in the water this was not what she wanted to do.

The rest of the beach bums. Kelton is the kid, then my mom, Shannon (Jeff's wife), Shanin (JD's girlfriend), and Wes
When the sun came back out Jeff went in to play. I don't know if Reanna stopped at this point or if Jeff did But Jeff said that his legs were numb. Reanna talked Dillin into going out again with her. Isn't is cute he held her hand so she wouldn't fall again. He likes her even if she is a girl.

On the way back in she "sink swimed" again. That was about all she wanted. So Wes, Reanna, and I went back to camp.

After everyone got back to camp Jeff took out his gun and shot it. The kids thought that would be fun so he let Kelton shoot it and helped Dillin and Reanna shoot it. My little girl takes after her dad in so many ways. The love of guns, 4-wheelers, and speed.

She is showing me the shell she shot.

Speaking of Dad, Wes should us what his Razor would no thanks to my dad that told him if he would clime the steep part he would give him $100. He made it up the less steep part and then everyone thought that I was funny. I was screaming at him to stop before he rolled it. Then I had Reanna standing by me and she wanted to try it. Heaven help me. I have 2 crazy people at my house.
This is the less steep side that he climbed. He is crazy. He gunned it to make it over the lip on the hill. My heart dropped.
He made it up the less steep side and after he got turned around he was going to try to go up the steeper side.
When he did his front tires came up and he went sideways. At that point is when I started to yell. Everyone was cheering him on and laughing at me but lucky for him he didn't try after that. He kept trying to talk me into letting him but I didn't want to pick him up at the bottom of the hill. He was not to happy with me for messing up his fun.After the commotion from the 4-wheeler was over we were starting dinner and JD grabbed Reanna and started to dance. I made him dip her 2 times so I could get a picture of them. It is to bad that no one likes her. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our sale was great. We sold a lot of fabric but we still have a lot left so we are going to do it again in Sep or Oct. I wont to thank all of the helpers at the sale Karen, Elise & Denise. And thank you to Shannon for taking Reanna Wednesday - Friday. It was a lot of work but it was also fun at the same time I loved seeing people I haven't seen since the store closed. I got to talk with some of the ladies that took my beginning class. They told me about the quilts that they have finished and the fun things that they are going to do. I miss the teaching part of the store. But I am working on designing my own patterns. I have one done (the one I did and taught at the store), one that is very close to being done (I am teaching this quilt in Layton and Cedar at retreats), and I just started cutting out the one I am working on. I will have to blog it when it is done. This picture is of mom and Karen cutting fabric and Denise is behind Karen taking a break. I don't know about everyone else but I am very tried.
This is the empty bolts from 2 1/2 days of the sale. Jd was going to the dump so we sent them with him.
Wes took Reanna with him Saturday to Delta for his race. I couldn't go so I don't have any pictures from the race but he was in 2 different classes but he won both classes. Go Wes. My cousin Shelly and her family live in Delta so they came and got Reanna and took her to there house to play until the race started then they all came back to watch the race. Thanks again to Shelly and girls. When Wes and Reanna came home Reanna's cousin Kyle was here so Kyle and Reanna got to hold the trophies that Wes won.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mom and I have been very busy trying to get things ready for the sale we are having. As you can see we were in a mess. We had fabric stacked every where. The notions were in boxes stacked allover.
This is the stack of flannel that we took off the shelves trying to put the cotton fabric in one place.
This is some of the other shelves. Some of you came to shop before the sale and seen first hand what a mess I was in.
After 5 days of hard work this is what we were able to do for the sale. Notice that the top of the shelves have very little fabric on them :)
This is where we put most of the flannel fabric. It is hard to tell but there is 4 tables in there.
(2 per row) Lots better then where they were.
This is the cutting tables and the register. We are having everyone come in the outside entrance. The first day we needed more cutting space. We had 3 people cutting fabric and we had a line with at least 10 people most of the time. CRAZY but fun. I have missed the store. Well the people not the hard work and stress.
Just a different view of the cotton fabric. No more boxes :) And don't you love the lighting We put up so we could see.
This is the tables of notions
Just a different view of the cotton fabric.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

For anyone that would like to come mom and I (Quik Quilts) is having a sale on July 8th - 11th. From 10am to 4pm. It is in my basement so use the door on the south side of the house. Bring all your Friends with you I (really Wes) wants the basement back. My address is 1693 N 850W Orem.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gordon Family Reunion
My mom's mom is a Gordon. There is 1 boy and 7 girls. In the picture going from left to right is Dixie, Jenny(my Grandma), Libby, and Morie. They have lost there brother Dee and 3 girls, Alta, Susie, and Makie. But that doesn't stop us from getting together.
We had a lunch and talked to cousins. Reanna got to play with her cousin Sara (she is my cousins girl).
Then they started taking the kids for rides on the trains that my mom's cousin makes. The trains are pulled by mowers that the mower parts have been taken off. They they have flat wagons that has ride on toys bolted on them. The kids love them. They had 4 different trains running so there was not much of a wait.
Reanna loved it and after the reunion was over she was very sad and wonted to take a train home with her so if it is good weather for her b-day this is what she wants to do.
The horse was her favorite one she went on that one at least 4 times.
This is the next favorite one.

This is Dallon (my cousins boy)
This is Sara
Even the young at heart loved the train (my great aunt Morie)
My great aunt Dixie is the end car of the one that is on the side walk.
They also had a slip and slide that was a big hit with the kids. It took some talking but we finally got Reanna to do it. Then I couldn't get her off when it was time to go.

We all had a great time and can't wait for next year.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Look everyone I do have a girl!!!!! She got three dress up dresses for Christmas and yesterday and today have been the only times she put them on. She went to play with 2 girls that live by us. One of Wes's friends brought his twin 5 year old girls over to work on the bikes trying to get ready for a race and Reanna hit it off very well.
She had to walk down to see if she had mail. On the way back Wes pulled up in the dump truck. She is definitely dad's little girl.
She loves her daddy and her daddy only likes her a little. Thanks to dad she now knows that the van that drives around with music has ice cream for sale. So now every time she sees it she runs up to dad and asks him for one with one of her cute smiles that makes dad say yes dear. Look at her eyes, is that her dad or what.